Learning that lasts a lifetime.

Time flies when you’re having fun – and with the right priorities, a client relationship can progress from a single project to a bona fide account in what seems like the blink of an eye. What started as an anniversary banner design has graduated to a 13 year and counting relationship with Summit School, and a body of work that both celebrates talented new students and potential-filled imaginations alike.




Rebranding + Logo design
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Printed Publications

Always purposeful.

Embedded within an integrated suite of both printed collateral and digital branding is Summit’s commitment to enriching the entirety of each student—mind, body, wellbeing and spirit. Together, we have worked hard to establish uniqueness in a primary/secondary educational category that can often blend into overlapping benefits and homogenous offerings.

By establishing and consistently communicating six core promises that serve as the foundation of their educational model, Summit School has been able to carve out and own a dynamic corner of their region.

HARNESSING potential and the unique voice of summit.

Maintaining a holistic brand through traditional and emerging media communications has supported Summit’s expanded enrollment, programming, facilities, and ability to serve its community. Beyond that, it has helped countless students discover unique paths to continued growth as individuals and victories in life.


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